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Eisenhower Students Make a Difference Through Two Rewarding Programs

Recently, Eisenhower students have been recognized for their efforts in trying to improve our world.  Read the recent Wyckoff Patch article which highlights our successful Pencils of Promise fundraiser which led to 50 donated e-readers and the Lexus Eco Challenge winners who received $10,000 in prizes.


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How Children Succeed

On August 23rd, the NY Times ran an article titled, The School of Hard Knocks that examined Paul Tough’s work on researching how students succeed in school.  What stood out to me was the reporting that the one criteria that yielded the greatest success in students was the development of character through learning to overcome adversity or failure. Whether you are a parent or an educator, this article opens an important conversation on how we can best prepare our children for a successful future.

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For Parents: Helping your Child Find Success in School

As the 2012-2013 school year approaches, many students and parents may be feeling a bit anxious as the thoughts of homework, tests, sport practices, and parent conferences are all just a few weeks away.  As a parent, it is our natural instinct to want to assist your child in every way possible.  It makes sense to contemplate that parents who are more involved in their child’s academic lives will yield greater achievement results.  A recent NY Times editorial challenges the way many of us think about the right approach in supporting our students from home and what research says are the best methods for getting positive results in school.  Please click on the link below and enjoy the article.

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Using Social Media in the Classroom

In the recent weeks after working with speaker, Will Richardson, many of our teachers at EMS have embraced using social media in the classroom.  Staff members are beginning to unveil the power of using blogs. wikis, back channel discussion rooms, and microblogs to reach their students and to inspire learning.  Social Studies teachers have been using blog feeds to discuss the 2012 election and national educational policy changes outside of the classroom.  Language arts educators are experimenting with Today’s Meet as a way for students to collaborate about their writing while creating monologues and one-act plays.  Overall, Twitter has become our most popular communication tool with teachers beginning to develop their own PLNs as a way of self-directed professional development.  To assist our teachers in using twitter more efficiently, I am attaching a link that explains how Twitter is organized using hashtags.  Enjoy the read and we look forward to you joining our growing professional learning community.

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What You (Really) Need to Know

Appearing in Friday’s NY Times (1/20/12) Larry Summers, who was a part of President Obama’s economic team and president of Harvard, writes about what students really need to know based on how our society has changed.  His argument for teachers no longer needing to be the controllers of information is consistent with what real educational reformers have been talking about for years.  With the power of technology which allows a student to obtain and access more information, and in a faster time, then the clerk at the circulation desk of the Library of Congress, you have to wonder why our institutions have not changed to meet the current needs of students in this new age of free and unlimited information?

Enjoy the read:

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Larry Summers at NY Times Schools for Tomorrow speaks on the future of public schools

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Hello & Welcome

Thank you for visiting my new medium for communicating with staff, students, and parents.  Using a blog as both a resource and a communication tool can be beneficial in the educational process.  I hope to share with you how I envision the use of blogs as an educational tool.  Feel free to take a look around and subscribe to my RSS feed so you can catch-all of my latest posts including instructional technology, teaching and learning, and general staff communications.  Please visit the best practices page to see some of the outstanding work our teachers are doing with the students of Eisenhower Middle School.

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