Eisenhower Best Practices

Using QR Codes in 8th Grade Science

Students in 8th grade science used iPads and a QR Code scanner app that allowed teams of students to autopsy a model of a human body and based on the information each organ scanned produced, students were able to determine the cause of death of each of the models.  See the images below of this authentic and meaningful medical science lesson.


Public Service Announcements on School Bullying

In Mr. Olejarz’s 7th technology course students created public service announcements for school bullying.  Using iMovie and through learning editing skills, students created powerful short films that are representative of a professional film shoot.  See the videos below to see how our middle grade students are using media projects to convey an important message.

Bullying Video

Bullying Video 2


Many of our teachers are using the Show Me app on our iPads to create podcasts for our students.  Show Me is a interactive whiteboard app that allows a teacher to record their voice and drawings.  Mr. Deegan, one of our math teachers, uses Show Me to give his students further reinforcement in their learning by being able to access lessons per his website.  Take a look:



After working with Will Richardson, our teachers are beginning to use Scratch in our technology classes to build custom video games.  Check out Mr. Deblock’s Wiki were he stores his online curriculum for students:



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